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How to Strengthen your Relationship with Your Partner

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

A healthy relationship with your partner relies on many things. There needs to be trust, honesty, reliability, and good communication. Anger control and fighting fair are further essential ingredients both parties need to reflect upon.

It is important to remember that every relationship will have its ups and downs and through the years that come and go we can sometimes drift apart.

Therefore, it is important to check in with yourself and each other by asking these questions:

· Do you do activities together?

· Does your partner support you in you and encourage you to do the things you want to do?

· Do you listen to your partner giving them your full attention? – a good way to do this is face opposite them taking turns for one of you talking and the other listening for ten minutes and then swap over of course with your phones off!

· Do you tell your partner the things they do that you like?

Adapting in your changing relationship is key as it grows. It's important to have some common goals, for example if travel is a wish for one partner before settling roots down in a certain area.

No matter if you are just at the very beginning of your relationship a few years in or have been together for years then there are always directions you can proceed to gain strength in your relationship. with your partner.

Sometimes couples can suddenly give more focus to their relationship when they feel it is falling into trouble. However, regular maintenance of a relationship is better that trying to repair it.

It’s important to have fun together, trying new things but also revising activities we have done before and therefore rekindling happy memories is just as important.

Tell your partner what you need and what you like. This is far better than making them guess or you are feeling that they ‘should know’. When the relationship has been over several years, we can easily assume our partner knows what we are thinking. However, this is not the case as neither of you are mind readers. So, help your partner to understand not just the things that you don’t like but the things you do like.

Above all make sure you spend time together and appreciate those special times together.

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