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What is CBT?

CBT can be used for a great deal of mental health issues and problems especially anxiety and depression.

It works on the premises that your thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all connected but there can be mind traps in your thinking causing a vicious cycle of negative thinking.

The aim of CBT is the assist you overcome problems that may feel overwhelming by crunching them down to smaller more manageable parts.

You're shown how to change these negative patterns to improve the way you feel. It is important to note that CBT will focus on your current issues rather than areas from your past. It looks for ways to improve your state of mind in a practical way as well as being on a daily basis by rating your feelings.

CBT will look towards breaking down your problems but there will also be in-between tasks for the client to undertake between sessions. Although this will be a collaborative approach between the client and the counsellor. Thereafter you will be come your own therapist and continue with the skills in have learnt in the sessions in your daily life.

CBT might not be for everyone, so it is important that you talk through with your therapist your requirement prior to counselling begins and during the sessions.


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