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Frequently asked questions


1) Do I have to pay for blocks of sessions? No, you don’t have to pay for several sessions in advance. Just one at a time is fine.

2) Do you offer other types of counselling besides Face to Face? Yes, I offer Phone Counselling, Online email counselling, instant messaging, Zoom (I can set this up), Skype, What’s app and Face-time.  The choice is yours. Online counselling can be offered to you where ever you are in the world.  I have counselled people previously in the USA, Canada, Europe and New Zealand.

3) What happens in the very first session? Within the first session, if we have not already done so then I will explain about the different types of counselling on offer. We will also go through the counselling contract again if you have an questions.  In addition I will ask a few questions abut how you are feeling. 

4) How long will the session last? Counselling sessions last 60 minutes or less if you prefer. Although should you wish to end earlier this will still be counted as a session. 

5) Do I have to have a set number of sessions? Generally speaking 6 or 7 sessions are an average. However, I also offer one at a time therapy. First things first... Give me a call and we can have a chat for say 15/20 mins about what you want or any further questions you may have.  There will be no charge for this.  It is entirely free of charge.

6) Do I have to have sessions every week? No, not at all – although weekly is more effective you could opt for fortnightly sessions pr other arrangements can be made.  This can be a better fit financially, due to shift work or if you care for children etc.

7) Is there disabled access? Yes, disabled access is available in most of the therapy rooms but please ask prior to booking your access requirements.

8) Is there free parking available? Yes.

9) Can I bring my friend into the counselling room? In general sessions are just on a one to one basis unless pre-arranged couple or family counselling.  There are some instances whereby some clients might be accompanied by someone else - please ask about this. 

10) Will I be able to get a diagnosis? No, sorry I am not a qualified doctor, although I may be able to signpost you to other services upon your request. 

11) Do you see all ages? Yes, 4+.  I offer sessions to adults on a one to one basis, couples therapy, family therapy, children, young people and organisations. 

12) Do you offer Mindfulness Sessions? Yes, I currently provide this for individuals couples, families, groups as well as organisations and small businesses. 

13) What days or times are on offer? I can offer 7 days a week, morning, afternoon or evening.

14) What types of therapy do you offer? A wide range of different therapies are on offer; Person Centred, CBT, etc (please see 'Services Tab'  on the Menu above)

15) If my employer is paying for my counselling sessions can you give some sort of acknowledgement to show I have actually had counselling?  Yes, I can provide an invoice for the date & cost but what we discuss will remain confidential. 

16) I will be going on a three week break away can I continue when I get back? Yes, that is perfectly fine - but remember you have the option to switch to phone or online counseling if you wish such as Zoom, Skype, Face-time or What's App.

17) My dog helps to keep me calm so can I bring him to the counselling session? Usually no but exceptions can be made.

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