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How can Couple Counselling help?What happens in couples therapy?

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Are you considering couple counselling?

Couple counselling can help to get your relationship back on track in a confidential space. Sessions can be face to face, online video call or a mix of both. You might just need one session as a wake-up call to reflect on the things you or your partner need to change. Alternatively, you may have already decided that you need more than just one session to get things back to the direction of a happy and loving future together.

During our first meeting it will be my aim to make you both feel relaxed in a trusting, safe environment and providing a collaborative approach. We will be able to explore the issues and problems you are both facing. However, it is important to note that I will not take sides, but I will invite you both to express your story. This will include your thoughts and feelings brought into the session at your individual pace. This will be of course for a time limited period of 60 minutes to enable both parties to talk about what is important to them but at the same time not an overwhelming time period that lasts for hours.

The first session can sometimes be more upsetting for one partner than the other. Please be aware that you may both be at different levels within the relationship. One of you may have grieved parts of the relationship and felt it should have ended a while ago. While the other may be in shock that they are sitting here in front of a relationship therapist with their beloved partner. Alternatively, you might both may feel you need support though a reconciliation or perhaps a separation/divorce.

There are of course many reasons why individuals or couples seek out couples therapy and this is why I provide a service to match your requirements and pace of sessions.

One to one basis between sessions available:

Some couples find the benefit of seeing me on a one-to-one basis in between the couple counselling sessions. While this can be a very common occurrence this is very much an individual choice, but it is an opportunity for either party to express things about themselves or how they see their relationship.

Other issues:

Other issues outside of the relationship can affect what goes on between you both for example, financial issues, mental health, illness, work, children, and extended family/friends. This is another reason why sometimes couples ask for separate issues outside the couple counselling sessions.

The good news is that counselling can really help a couple and several sessions can help map progress and feelings of fulfilment. This will be over a real lifetime frame due to pit falls the couple might fall into as the counselling sessions progress over several weeks.

Incidentally, weekly sessions are best, but some couples choose fortnightly sessions later on either suiting their budget or as a gradually stepping away from the counselling sessions.

Benefits of relationship counselling:

You will learn how you can improve your communication skills which will in turn help your own mental health. We will discuss the role of responsibility that both you and your partner will uphold regarding expectations and care for each other in a respectful loving relationship.

If you would like a free chat/consultation please get in touch and we can then arrange a time for your first session either face to face, online or phone.


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