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Take Notice - Take Two and a Half Minutes...

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Areas of wellbeing:

It is important to take notice of things around you. Really take notice. A view from the lakeside, in the park or along the beach. Take two and a half minutes at least to soak up the atmosphere. Taking notice of your environment is important for your wellbeing.

Take notice of the following:

· The changes in the season

· How many shades of green can you count?

· How many shades of brown or orange?

· Admire the beauty around you

· The wind or stillness of the air

· The ripples of water or the quiet mill pond

· Birds flying high in the sky or in the nearby trees

· Crispness of leaves or buds just appearing

· The distance calls of a lost sheep

· The bark of a dog

· People splashing in the water

· Children laughing and calling to each other

Savour the above moments and think of them later on in the day or several days later when you are once again behind your office desk!

There is beauty all around you so start to take notice and admire the world around you. As well as taking in this world it also important to Give…


· Give back to mother nature by looking after our world

· Take away your rubbish

· Perhaps collect others discarded trash

· Give patients to busy tractors

· Close country gates behind you

· Give a smile and hello to hikers as they walk past

· Keep to the footpaths

· When you are driving give room to cyclists

Giving also makes us feel good and that’s ok!


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