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Mindful Moments In Creativity

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Creativity using shades of colour:

Using colours in creativity can help a person navigate their feelings in a different way from the written word of journaling. This is not to say journaling should be stopped but using colours to express your thoughts and feelings can help get to the core of one’s inner most frame of mind. After all we do not live in a black and white world so why just use one colour when we express about how we feel?

Shades of colours are important in identifying our moods and there are lots of variations. If someone says for example green is their favourite colour someone else might agree or disagree but the shade, they are thinking of, could range anywhere from dark green to lime green. In addition, one person’s perception of a colour might relate to a feeling, whereas another person might associate the same colour with another feeling.

Art shops and other retail outlets can offer a wide range in shades of colours of pencils and felt tip pens. It has become very popular in recent years in purchasing mindfulness colouring books and they are advertised to help reduce your anxiety. However, there is nothing like using paint to find the shade that fits your very own mood.

An activity to try is to just simply place blobs of paint on a canvas and letting them run from side to side as you balance the paint and continue to add colours as they run into each other can be a very fascinating experience. Every picture will turn out differently and can show your mood in slow motion developing and forming before your eyes.

Creativity through Crafting:

Allowing ourselves to flow and explore through creative crafts can help us to become ‘unstuck’ from our rigidness and begin to slip away from the though process that we have become conditioned to. We have grown from our inner child which may have been a free spirit when our imagination would conjure up mythic creatures. However, in our latter adolescence from fourteen to our adult self, we begin to conform to the things we ought to do or say. As we get older, we can feel more and more inhibited to release and let go of our how we really feel.

Therefore, it is important in middle childhood and early adolescence around the ages of 8 to 14 years to continue to ignite our creativity and not let go of our imaginations and expression using colour, malleable materials, clay, plasticine along with glue, crafting, drawing, painting and chalks.

Of course, creativity can also involve composing a piece of music, creating a poem, writing a short story or talking through narrative using sand therapy as the platform using small world toys.

No matter where your creative side begins… don’t stop. Instead let your idea grow and develop by continuing to explore your creative side by testing out further stages in your imagination. You will feel excited, exhilarated and your self-worth will grow as you feel fulfilled. This will set you up with that feel good factor of acknowledgement of accomplishment and help you tackle other issues and problems in your life.

I provide colour therapy and sand therapy for clients as well as elements in crafting suited to different age ranges and abilities. I can offer you a free chat/consultation for 15 or 20 mins. So please give me a call/text or email so that we can arrange a time that suits you.


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