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How to Keep Warm This Winter & Reduce Your Stress Over Financial Worries

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Here is a list of some points you may have missed!

Anxiety can be fuelled by financial worries. Take the heat out of your anxious feelings by having a check-in with some of the points listed below:-

· Invest in buying an electric heated throw. Similar to an electric blanket but this designed to go over the top of you. It is just like a normal blanket throw but they have wires inside that heat up. This will be far more economical that having your central heating blasting out all day and night. You can control the temperature and take from one room to another. Or place on your bed at night to warm it up before you get in.

· Thick bed socks – they are not just for bed. Wear them in the day. They will not be as tight fitting as your usual socks, therefore allowing you to feel more comfortable.

· Fill your kettle only to the amount you need.

· Use a flask to catch the kettle water that is left over. Don’t let this water just cool down in the kettle pour it into a flask and use it for your next hot drink. Or use it to re-boil.

· You can buy plastic window insulation sheets for windows that is reasonably priced. Removing this at springtime is an easy task.

· Don’t be tempted just to sit still – get moving every now and again to get the blood circulating.

· It may sound obvious but put all of your recycling out when you put your main refuse out. So, don’t be opening your main outside doors unnecessarily.

· The old faithful. A draft excluder bought or made out of pillowcase folded into a sausage shape and off cuttings from old clothing… failing that use a rolled-up towel.

· If you are prescribed medication from your G.P. make sure you have adequate supplies in should the weather continue with a cold snap for a long period of time. Therefore, this will reduce your anxiousness and ensure you have enough medication.

Finally, it’s not long till March and warmer weather will be on the way!


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