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Explaining the Negative Inner Critic:

The negative inner critic can be a strong force at times affecting our self-esteem and confidence with ruminating thoughts of ​self-doubt leading to self-destruct. This could then affect our socialising with friends due to not feeling good enough. It could then perhaps begin to become a problem in the work place with further self-doubt. It can wreck our relationships with our loved ones and in some instances then make us turn to addictive behaviours for relief, support or feelings of false confidence.

"The more we listen to the inner critical voice the stronger it gets and the bigger it grows. Then the self hatred develops and we feel lost in not knowing what to do or who to believe."

So, where does this voice come from? The voice can actually come from many places. Perhaps echos from childhood and things we use to think about our self. Before that it may have been a critical parent, teachers or people in authority. Attachments we have had can be a large part and parcel of how the voice began its early beginnings.

How to deal with it:

You need to start treating yourself with more kindness, talk to yourself as you would talk to your best friend with compassion but also pointing out your strengths and things you have accomplished.

Those that internalise the inner voice are more prone to then suffer from mental health issues ranging from lack of sleep, stress, depression and of course anxiety. Some people can visualise their inner critical voice as an annoying parrot or gremlin on their shoulder.

Healing your inner critic though therapy can make a big difference to how you then view yourself. You may discover in just a few sessions through talking this through that you can combat this internal tug of war.

Don't debate or argue with your inner voice, ​it's just like a 'pesky' fly, so instead of listening to it swipe it away, just like you would on the screen of your mobile phone. We don't keep all the information that comes through our letter box because some of it is junk mail, we discard it. Therefore, do the same with your critical voice. Mastering your inner critic can be a long process but it is doable.

If you would like just one or several sessions give me a call, text or email and I can offer you a free chat/consultation for us to arrange a time convenient for you either face to face, zoom, What's App or phone.


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