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Do you get angry Quickly?

Do you class yourself as having Anger Issues or do others say you have Anger Issues?

Either way would you like to get a greater understanding of how you can control your anger? If the answer is yes, then continue reading.

First of all, you have to recognise that anger is a natural human emotion. If we never felt angry well then... We would never go on marches if we felt frustrated about something. We would just let things happen to us and not be bothered by any wrong doings.

Anger can be made up of many different emotions:

Feeling... embarrassed, nervous, stressed, lonely, abuse, worried, shamed, rejected, racism. trauma, frustrated, let down, bullied, tiredness, trapped or ostracised from a society or group.

Just one more thing can make a person explode on those nearest and dearest to them.

However, the next thing we have to ask ourselves ... Do I need to be so angry and how can I calm myself down? The answer is to be aware of where the anger comes from... Where does it begin in your body? If you can answer that well you are half way there of reducing or stopping your anger.

Of course, you may want to talk through how you feel with someone who can give you a listening ear to your problem miscarriage of justice or gripe. You may want to have just one-off session of counselling or just a few more. I can provide a confidential space for you to express whatever is bothering you. I can also provide you with further strategies and information of how you can ease your frustration. I'm here to support you through your problem or dilemma.


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