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One of the most difficult challenges in our lives comes when we suffer the loss of a loved one. This of course can bring extreme pain due to the loss of a partner, parent, grandparent or sibling. Death is of course a natural process that we think of time to time knowing that it will happen one day. Nevertheless, we can be overwhelmed with shock, disbelief and confusion which can bring about long bouts of depression, sadness and anxious feelings of despair. Everyone will react in a different way towards the grieving process with different levels of distress. The time period is not set for a certain timeframe as this is very individualistic and a personal experience. In other words there is no ‘normal time’ for grief to pass but there are often recognised stages within the grieving process. In time, the intense feelings of loss will gradual dissipate.


The Seven Stages of Grief

  1. shock - this is a natural response paralysis in hearing the news

  2. Denial - the feeling of disbelief of what has happened

  3. Anger - this can result in bottled up feelings then an explosion targeted on people nearby

  4. Bargaining - things we wished we could have done. If only, I had or if only I had said. Also this can bring irrational thoughts about if I do this it could bring the person back

  5. Depression - feeling of lowness, despair and hopelessness

  6. Testing stage - the seeking of realistic solutions

  7. Acceptance - in time acceptance of the loss takes place


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