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Mindfulness Moments -Elements in Nature & Well-being

Walking along side a Waterfall...take a moment to be mindful & read on...

Tell your thoughts to STOP. HALT. CEASE. NO MORE. END.

The flow of water will soon turns a corner, it changes speed. The cold fresh spring water is cleansing taking away any badness. Change happens you will soon also turn a corner. Now the waterfall has found its pace of a slower rhythm as it flows on into pastures new. If you practice mindfulness you too will discover your calmer body rhythm. Giving you a feeling of tranquil thoughts and inner peacefulness.

"I have visited several waterfalls in my lifetime, one not far from my home - The Fairy Glenn is a favourite haunt. Further afield Lake District Aira Force Penrith, Betws-Y-Coed, a viewing point at the bridge and then a little further up by the ‘Ugly House’ Swallow Falls. In Lancashire I have visited Ingleton falls and Janet’s Foss at Malham. There is a long windy road to get to the longest waterfall in Wales - Pistyll Rhaeadr. Not forgetting all those falls in-between the mountainside - amazing creations of elements in nature." Diane

There is something about walking by a waterfall that holds wonder.

The white flashes of the water, the spray bouncing off the rocks. Take a few seconds...stop, stand still, close your eyes and listen. [Pause].

Can you imagine what this water fall sounds like?

What else can you hear in the surrounding you are in right now? What do you feel? Your experience is like no ‘other’ because YOU are unique.

Your opinion matters, your views are worth listening to. You ARE valued by others, it

is just that things might be a misty right now and you don’t always see it. The critical voice sometimes comes back in your head.

Your critical thinking asks what is right and what is wrong? Confused? Pounding feelings of anxiety just like the water beating over and over on the boulders. The water can fall at a great speed carrying with it nature from all around but sometimes things get stuck and it can become muddy.

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