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Is Stress Causing your Acid Reflux?

Or is your Acid Reflux causing you stress?

Keep in mind the following points:

· Sleeping on your left side

· Have your head slightly raised – use a specially designed wedge pillow

· Avoid heavy meals

· Don’t eat just before bedtime

· Drink water with all meals

Acid Reflux is also known as heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux. The lower oesophageal sphincter (LES) is a valve that enables food into the stomach. Sometimes there is a flowing back of stomach acid into the oesophagus.

Some people are more prone to this including:

· pregnant women

· smokers

· if you regularly inhale second hand smoke

· older persons

· babies

· overweight people

· persons that have a high alcohol intake

Stress and anxiety are also another cause contributing to acid reflux and if a person is feeling exhausted that this can accelerate the problem. Stress can also cause your body to respond in other ways and puts you at risk of heart attacks, strokes, irritable bowl syndrome as well as depression.

How can I reduce stress to help alleviate my acid reflux?

· exercise often

· making sure you have some relaxation time

· stop smoking

· reduce or stop drinking alcohol

· getting plenty of sleep

· laugh

· spend time with your pet

· Vitamin B supplements

· changing your diet (see below)

It could be a good idea now to take a new look at your diet. Also, keep a food diary and then you can become your own food detective. Here are just a few foods to avoid and foods that are less likely to cause you problems. Although, it can vary from person to person and there are many more foods that can have a negative or positive affect on your digestion.

Foods to avoid for most individuals

· citrus fruits oranges, satsumas, lemons etc

· pineapples

· mint

· onions

· garlic

· tomatoes

· green peppers

· lamb

· carbonated beverages – increases pressure

Foods that are less likely to cause problems for some people

· avocados

· red apples and bananas

· eggs

· ginger

· honey

If your symptoms become more frequent it is really important to make an appointment to see you G.P. as it could be other reasons such as a Hiatus Hernia or issues with your Gall Bladder.

If you would like to learn more ways to reduce your stress and anxiety perhaps it is something that you want to talk about in a counselling session. You can talk about what is causing you worry and we could also look at some strategies to reduce this uncomfortable feeling. Please get in touch for a 15/20-minute free chat/consultation.


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