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Reduce Anxiety in Children in 60 Seconds!

Children are having to cope with more and more things and a younger age. The world around them is changing fast and it is hard enough for adults to hear of all the things that are changing in the world, let alone young people.

Climate change has been in the news for a number of years and the pandemic is still the memories of the young. They cannot escape knowing about the war in Ukraine and the death of our Monarch the Queen.

All of the above on top of their days at school coping with schoolwork, homework and falling out with friends can all take its toll. Children can often find it difficult to express how they are feeling.

They might describe feeling sick or being scarred. So here is how to help reduce their anxious feelings.

Teach your child to concentrate on their breath one fun way to do this is to get your child to blow bubbles! If you don’t have any bubble wands handy you can always get them to imagine they are blowing a bubble. Take turns with your child to carry out this activity. Describe the bubble its size and colour.


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